Issue Date: November 22, 1995
Revision Date:  April 18,1997

Advanced Tank Technology, Inc.

Leak Tracer Dye (LTD)





Output type:                qualitative

Sampling frequency:    intermittent

Operating principle:     product solubility - color development


Test Results:


unleaded gasoline

synthetic gasoline

Detection time (sec)



Fall time



Lower detection limit (cm)




*See glossary.


Specificity Results:

Activated:  unleaded gasoline (above 23 ppm), synthetic gasoline (above 8 ppm), n-hexane, diesel, jet-A fuel, JP-4 jet fuel, toluene, xylene(s).

Manufacturer’s specifications:

Leak Tracer Dye develops color in alcohols, ketones, solvents, and PCBs as well as petroleum products.


Sensors are not reusable, and must be replaced after contact with hydrocarbons.

Sensor is listed as “intermittent” because it must be checked periodically; it does not automatically alarm when hydrocarbon is detected.


Advanced Tank Technology, Inc

Evaluator:  Scientific Information Services

820 N. Sylvania        

Tel:  Unavailable

Fort Worth, TX 76111

Date of Evaluation: 02/02/93

Tel(800) 526-31446



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