Issue Date:  December 22, 2003
Revision Date:  April 8, 2011


TLS-350 Series, TLS-450 Series, EMC, EMC-PC, EMC Enhanced, EMC-PC Enhanced, and Red Jacket ProMax
with Magnetostrictive Sump Sensor Series 857060-xxx* and 857080-xxx*



Output type:

 qualitative, discriminating

Sampling frequency:


Operating principle:

 magnetostrictive probe with dual floats

Test Results:

24" Sump Sensor Series
857060-xxx* and 857080-xxx*

unleaded gasoline



Gas on 7" of water
(fuel alarm in presence of water)

Diesel on 7" of water
(fuel alarm in presence of water)

Detection time (sec)

~ 10

~ 10

~ 10

~ 10

~ 10

Fall time (sec)

~ 10

~ 10

~ 10

~ 10

~ 10

Minimum product level (in)






designates sensors in the 857060 and 857080 series containing: 857060 and 857080-101, -102, -111, -112, -121, -122, -211, -212, -221, and -222.

**Evaluations determined these sensors' responses to the liquids shown above.  Biodiesel blends B6-B20 meeting ASTM D7467 and biodiesel B100 meeting ASTM D6751 would also produce an alarm if the sensor threshold is exceeded.  Responses to these fuels were not determined, but would be expected to be very similar to the diesel responses.

One sensor length (24”) was evaluated. Results are typical for the other sensors in the 857060-xxx and 857080-xxx series, regardless of length and programmability options.
All sensors are based on the use of a magnetostrictive sensor that is equipped with two floats. The lower float will only float on water. The upper float will float on fuel as well as water.
Results for the “water alarm” threshold will vary based upon programmed alarm levels.
The “fuel alarm” is based upon a fixed threshold and is not programmable.
Systems containing these sensors can be programmed to alarm continuously and to shut down the dispensing system.
Sensor will issue an alarm if raised from the bottom of the containment vessel.
Sensors are reusable.
Vendor claims sensors are easily removable, cleaned, and reinstalled if an alarm is triggered or for periodic testing.
Comparison of TLS-450 with TLS-350 series console showed comparable results when evaluated with representative sensors.



Evaluator:  Ken Wilcox Associates

125 Powder Forest Dr.

Tel:  (816) 443-2494

Simsbury, CT  06070-2003

Dates of Evaluations:  08/26/03, 05/17/04, 04/21/05, 05/27/05, 04/26/07, 03/03/08

Tel:  (860) 651-2700






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