Issue Date:  September 28, 2004
Revision Date: 
December 6, 2010


ILS-350, TLS-300 Series, TLS-450 Series, EMC, EMC-Series, and Red Jacket ProMax, Red Jacket ProPlus
with Single-Point Mini Hydrostatic Sensor 794380-304




Output type:


Sampling frequency:


Operating principle:

float switch 

Test Results:

Single-Point Mini Hydrostatic Sensor 794380-304

30% by Weight CaCl2

50% by Volume Propylene Glycol

Detection time (sec)



Fall time (sec)



Minimum product level (in)



Manufacturer states that Sensor 794380-304 is installed near the bottom of a brine reservoir.
An alarm is triggered if the brine level falls below the threshold level of the sensor
Manufacturer also states that the sensor withstands removal and replacement from the reservoir without damage to the sensor.
The testing conducted for this evaluation determined the sensorís response to brine and propylene glycol.
The evaluator states that other liquids would also produce an alarm if the sensor threshold is exceeded.  These thresholds would be slightly different for different liquids due to the differing densities.  These liquids, and the threshold for each, have not been determined at this time.
Comparison of TLS-450 with TLS-350 series console showed comparable results when evaluated with representative sensors.



Evaluator:  Ken Wilcox Associates

125 Powder Forest Dr.

Tel:  (816) 443-2494

Simsbury, CT  06070-2003

Dates of Evaluations:  05/18/04, 03/03/08, 08/04/10

Tel:  (860) 651-2700






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